Why Traditional Tally?

Try Tally On Cloud Service

Access Tally from Any Device Regardless of Time & Location
tally on cloud service
tally on cloud
Real Solutions

Tally On Cloud Use Anywhere & Anytime

Try Real Solutions Tally on Cloud service to use offline Tally software. And Access Tally Data Anywhere, Anytime from any device.

  • Easy, low maintenance, and the pocket-friendly option to run Tally Prime on Cloud
  • Experience the finest services: Tally Cloud Server, Tally Online Access, & Tally on AWS / Azure
  • Security of Tally accounting data from potential attacks that harm you Tally data
  • The deal catastrophic situation with automatic Tally Backup with the advantage of DRaaS

Industry Verticals That We Serve

Healthcare & Life science
Media & Entertainment
Marketing & Advertisment
Real Solutions

Top Benefits of Tally on Cloud Services

Cloud-based Tally SaaS Service model is the intelligent accounting software on cloud to manage all the business accounting operations online.

  • Access cloud web Tally Prime from all devices worldwide
  • Offer offline Tally Prime service on AWS
  • No need to maintain servers at your offices to store data
  • Offer Single Tally User & Multi Tally User License
  • Facilitate Tally.Prime GST Ready Software on the cloud
  • Support Tally Prime on Cloud for facile accounting
  • Provide a dedicated server for Tally Prime
Real Solutions

Why Tally on Cloud Over the Offline Tally?

As we know that world moving towards new technology and the cloud is the future. So, why use the traditional solution to move to a new era of Tally technology which is Tally on Cloud? This will save numerous costs such as data maintenance cost, server, hardware, operational cost, and many others.

Amazing Accessibility

The Real Solutions host your Tally on Their Own Data Centers. And these files are secured behind multiple layer of firewall with encrypted scheduled backups.

Economical Service

The Real Solutions Tally on Cloud Price is available at an affordable pricing. Our Cloud based tally service fits for every businesses.

Real Solutions

Choose the Best Tally on Cloud Service Provider

Accelerate your business with India’s Best Tally Cloud Services to Accelerate your Business.

  • Automatic Tally Backup with the advantage of DRaaS service
  • Lower upfront costs as the Tally Servers are leased
  • Security of Tally accounting data from potential attacks
  • No need to spend money on IT maintenance and other resources
  • Free Demo Tally on Cloud before subscribing to the solution
  • Real-time work syncing with 24/7 Support from experts
Real Solutions

Fulfill All Accounting Needs with On-Demand Tally on Cloud Solution

Tally On Cloud is suitable for most businesses that are small or large. It will help to get rid of the headache of maintaining server hardware and other things.

Perfect For All businesses

As we said that Tally on Cloud is perfect option for all size businesses. Because Real Solutions offers fully customizable upgarde options. So businesses can upgrade their resources according to their needs.

Unmatched Service Mobility

Traditional Tally Software is device dependent But with Real Solutions Tally on Cloud one will be able to access Tally from anywhere in the presence of internet connection. In addition users can access thier Tally software and data through any device.


Break the Device Dependency of Tally with Cloud Server for Tally

Real Solutions offers India’s best cloud-based Tally service with cutting-edge technology that helps you to use the offline Tally software on cloud.

Lower upfront costs because the Tally Servers lease with flexible billing options. In addition, Tally on Cloud Hosting for Single License is available.