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REAL SOLUTIONS is currently a 5 star certified Solutions and Services Partner of Tally, a leading global business management software company. As a 5 Star certified Sales and Solutions Partner of Tally, REAL SOLUTIONS is best placed to help customers design, implement, integrate and support Tally while providing business specific customization. The collaboration between Tally and REAL SOLUTIONS ensures the customer gets the best out of Tally.

 Being a long standing partner, the relationship with Tally ensures REAL SOLUTIONS access to a much broader range of software tools and solutions for its clients. The 5 star statuses of REAL SOLUTIONS with market leading business platform from Tally provides an outstanding opportunity for customers to explore the robustness of Tally platform and exploiting its range of services to the maximum. We provide Tally by customizing it as per your specific and changing business needs. Tally customization comes with many perks for its customers and can be used to profit your business requirements.

5-Star Certified Tally Partner Sales & Solutions

As a 5 Star Certified Partner of Tally we have a diversified and significant experience in the field, providing a vast knowledge base to further enhance the technology to the satisfaction of our clients. We as 5 star certified Partners cater to the client’s complex or unique business requirements. The bottom line is to give the best quality service and support to the customers

As a 5 Star Certified Partner, we are:

·         Trained and certified to deliver standard proficient services.

·         We provide Tally services, customize business solutions and sell Tally products that suit your organization.

In addition:

·         Our staff undergoes a certification process to test their knowledge about the product and they are well equipped to handle any customer query.

·         Online tests are conducted for our staff on support and implementation and these tests are required to be cleared with a particular percentage.

·         Field executives and technical experts are monitored on their sales pitch.

·         This is only an annual certification so tests are conducted year over year making sure the quality is always at its best.

Our Specialized skills include building solutions that meet the client’s requirement. We build and deliver the right-fit solution for your business.